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Jump and Schout Foundation

Welcome to the Jump and Schout Foundation

Jump and Schout Therapy was founded by speech and language pathologist, Leann Schouten and occupational therapist, Renee Faulkner in 2012. In 2012, we had one 1600sqft office space and a gym space without air conditioning. Today, we have two locations and over 50 therapists and support staff. We serve children with a range of special needs, including autism, apraxia, hearing impairment, auditory processing, sensory integration, fine and visual motor just to name a few. 

From Leann:

One morning, as I sat in my son’s hospital room, I felt an overwhelming desire to do more. My son had been diagnosed with cancer and I was experiencing first-hand what many parents with children with special needs feel. Feelings of uncertainty, guilt, worry and grief. I found myself reading and learning as much as I could. I knew his treatment would be hard; he would lose his hair, he would get sick, and he would need to fight. I had dedicated my career to helping children and families, but now, I was the one needing help. He needed medical equipment, therapy, and supplies that were not covered by insurance. We were fortunate the friends and family were always there to help and provide support. 

I am very pleased to report that he is now cancer free and thriving. He is a marching band musician, pilot, and getting ready to go to college. This experience has changed my very being to the core.

I approached Renee with an idea to give back to our families and the children in our communities. The Jump and Schout Foundation, a non-profit organization, was created to help fund augmentative communication devices, positioning equipment, mobility aids, ambulation equipment and other materials needed to help all children reach their true potential. 


The Jump and Schout Foundation welcomes your charitable contribution to help us in providing for the families and children we serve.
Please use Paypal to make your gift now. If you would prefer to mail your gift, you can fill out this donation form and return it with your gift. To donate by phone, please contact us at 714-529-5022.